The best areas in Lahore for business people

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A busy world makes us busy too. In order to survive, efficiently dividing tasks and separating your professional life from your personal time are the signs of a healthy and happy person. Either you are a busy business owner or an employee, life will throw you various challenges. Lahore, the city with open hearts, offers numerous options to survive and excel in your life. The government has streamlined the provincial capital by introducing the Central Business District (CBD). All the business and trade dealings happen within this area to encourage safe national and international investment and transparency.

The city centre has different housing societies offering affordable prices in residential plots and ready-made houses. The prices are within reach of a middle-income businessman or a skilled craft person.

Model Town is in the heart of Lahore and links its residents with every corner of Lahore with secure transportation networks. Nearby is the affordable Faisal Town and Town Ship for a healthy and comfortable life.  The prices of plots vary with size, the number of rooms for a wholly or partly furnished house and its location within the housing scheme. However, on average a 10 Marla plot costs one crore while the price of a four Marla plot is as low as 50 lacks rupees. A gym enthusiast has numerous options from visiting health fitness studios like Shapes to public gardens for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Parents can dine out with their children in affordable restaurants nearby or can take their kids occasionally to nearby famous fast food chains i.e. KFC, McDonald’s and Hardees.

Moreover, reaching the famous M. M. Alam Road is not challenging to enjoy a day out. A lavish dinner might cost you approximately PKR 5000, but your kids deserve to feel special from time to time. Travelling to and from work is made easy after the introduction of the Metro Bus, where the tickets cost as low as PKR 20. Also, new air-conditioned buses feeder routes for Lahore have automatic fare collection; a hassle free system to reach your desired location. The cost for one way travel is only 15 rupees per person. This is the cheapest public transportation route. Reach the Central Business District (CBD) in 15 – 20 minutes and save your time and fuel by travelling on the Red Bus Transportation System.

For those who have the lust to enjoy life like the old times, than Samanabad and Shadman are the localities for you. A place filled with ancient buildings with the provision of all household facilities is a plus point for history lovers.  Residential plots in Shadman of sizes up to 10 Marlas have prices which reach a peak of 3.5 crores making it a favourable deal. Numerous budget friendly choices spread all over Samnabad are available for an average earner. Affordable packages can be easily availed of with plots of 2 Marla in size up to 10 Marla.  The price starts from 48 Lakhs with an open contract, depending on your requirements and necessities.

Traditional Lahore eateries, provide a genuine essence of Lahore and the famous Lahore Street are there for you to have time with friends and family occasionally. Additionally, it might take you a little longer; about 35 to 40 minutes to reach Liberty’s busiest business area but the comfortable Red Buses are there to help you reach your destination.

Besides, you can own a plot or house after agreeing upon a payback period after making a down payment. Numerous banks and financial institutions will help you to approve a household loan which can be paid in easy instalments. Indeed, all the price data and details of your future home are available on You are only a click away from having a happy and peaceful life.


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